Vaktra Activation Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2007 and has gained a reputation with our many clients for delivering events of an exceptionally high standard.

A team that believes in the power of ideas and listens to your needs with empathy, can deliver more than just events. Good ideas, commitment to quality, attention to detail, integrity of responses, mapping relevance and salience can morph your events into a bouquet of recall, a platform for compelling corporate stories, vehicles for your brand and much more.

We combine creative thinking with sound technical knowledge and pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our motto is to provide an end-to-end solutions


An elephant trunk seems to be a really strange thing - until you see how useful it is to its owner. Is what we have co-related with the work profile of our organization. Such as,

  • The trunk can sense water from 2 miles away to get onto a river bank, in that manner we can sense the consumer behavior and the potential consumer in various markets and provide marketing solutions to reach the end user.

  • Trunk sucks water up to 2 gallons at a time, akin to we can execute complex marketing activities for our clients with enormous capabilities.

  • It is estimated that there are 40,000 different muscles in the mighty trunk and even it can pick a tiny pin from the surface, we undertake such minute aspects of the brand while strategizing, planning, conceptualizing and executing activities and events.

  • Yet the trunk is also used to show affection to stroke and pet her bulky baby, we keep the same approach to our associates.

  • Trunk rates as one of the seven wonders of the animal world, and so Vaktra- aims to have its special place in the world of events & activation.